Today is the last day in ordinary time. While most of life is ordinary in a sense, there comes a time when news of a new family member to be, when word of a pregnancy and new baby child warms our heart. It is in that anticipation and joy that we prepare ourselves. I have four children, and I am fully cognizant of the spectrum of emotions that follow. I know the joy of gazing into the eyes of a newborn, of bringing he or she to mother to hold for the first time, to carry into our home a precious new life, to watch the glee and excitement of grandparents. There is no greater story than that of a pregnant wife with husband after a very long journey, looking for place to stay, and with no room in the inn, settling for a night in a stable, among the animals, and giving birth to the Creator of the Universe, with millions upon millions of angels singing. It is in a single moment, the culmination of everything in history that matters. A defenseless, tiny child, wrapped up so tight, and gazing gently into his mothers eyes, in act of boundless love and humility, born into a world much like ours today, full of sin and strife, with the powerful and the powerless. It is in that vein that we are constantly awaiting Him, today amidst the darkness, awaiting the Light from the new dawn to shine on us all. I cannot contain my excitement!