Have you ever come to the aid of a wounded animal? A nest blown from the tree after a storm with little critters who are now homeless or missing the care of  their mother, or perhaps an injured or wounded animal. It is gratifying to help nurse or even save the life of a desperate animal. Jesus was the greatest healer in the history of mankind. We have the Gospels to tell us of his marvelous healings, the lame, the blind, those who  were near death and those who had even died. Jesus came to heal all of us wounded by sin, scarred from a life of bad mistakes, bleeding inside from self inflicted hurt, from our lack of love from others or our inability to love. The point that I would like to make is that we too are healers. We can aid those whose lives are going through pain and suffering. Not just those who have suffered major losses like that of a loved one, or the tragedies as a result of havoc that natural disasters can have on us (we have seen too much of that lately), we can be healers to those who have things out of order. Maybe the home life or work aren’t going well. Someone close has rejected you or you weren’t invited to be a part of a group. We can be healers if we take the time to listen and to spend a moment with someone in need. Stop and think. Is there anyone I can help today, who maybe needs a word of encouragement, or just a phone call to say hello?