I am saddened by the fact that here in America we have things backwards. We take all the wrong things too seriously and all the right things too lightly.This is particularly the case with young Catholics and their faith. The Pew studies have shown that Catholics are pretty ignorant of their faith and that in the past few decades have been leaving by the droves. This does not speak well of the catechesis and education being done in our parishes and schools. It also shows a lack of understanding regarding what appeals to young people. The latest figure I have found on Mass attendance is from around 31 -33% go to Mass every week. That means around 70% (an overwhelming majority) never see the inside of a church, with the exception of a funeral or a wedding, Yet those same people won’t miss an episode of American Idol, Survivor, or whatever popular tv show has got their attention. We have a crisis here and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Has God suddenly become irrelevant ? Where has the Church failed in bringing the Gospel? Why haven’t they presented a compelling case for Jesus Christ to these lost and disinterested Catholics? In my humble opinion there is primarily  a two-fold reason. The first is the nature of Catholicism, which accepts all and everyone. Church officials have been reluctant to define what is required of you to wear the big “C” by your name. You can have pretty much an eclectic run of beliefs from abortion to euthanasia (actually all the life issues) to gay marriage to whatever secular idea fits in (like not wasting time on Sunday services) and call yourself a Catholic because you once received Holy Communion and can still recite the Hail Mary. The second reason is for decades we have a genuine lack of spiritual leadership in the priesthood. Pastors have become little “corporate presidents,” busy with managing the parish finances and making decisions that do not deal with faith issues. Catholics like Protestants have found it comfortable to mesh their faith life with the secular world.  I also believe the situation is going to get worse, I see no real sign that there will be a turn around. This leads me to the title of this post. We have to take an approach to catechesis which alters how people think. That is to say people have to know why they think what they think. There is a compelling case for angels, for spirituality, for a virtuous life, and of course Jesus Christ. Young people are starving and we need to offer a new menu. The Holy Spirit can and will teach if we deliver it.