I can  hardly believe that it has been six years since Pope John Paul II left for his Eternal Reward. I am not going to write some profound post that will sing the praises of one of the greatest pontiffs in the history of the Church. I will tell you three things that are relevant to Pope John Paul II. First, in my local newspaper there is a daily section known as this day in history and there is no mention of Pope John Paul II’s death, second there is an article about in today’s People and Faith section of the Advocate Newspaper (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) about a Cable TV program titled “Borgias” about Pope Alexander VI and his life of corruption. Not a single mention of Pope John Paul II’s anniversary. Finally, it was during the days of  suffering and death of Pope John Paul II and the incredible funeral in which literally millions of people paid respect that I prayed and made a vow that I would devout my life to evangelize as best as I could with the gifts God had given me. I was so moved by the love, honor, and respect shown for him, that I was moved to tears and energized to commit myself to do more. May 1st begins the first stage to his sainthood. God Bless You Pope John Paul II – Karol Josef Wojtyla!