My sister-in-law passed on yesterday. I would like to take this time here to share my thoughts about her. I will not use her name, because it is a private moment for me. I have only seen her a handful of times in the past twenty years. We are miles apart, but there are many memorable things  about her that were beautiful. She was petite, from West Virginia, she had a wonderful smile, a great sense of humor, and she was very charming. She loved my brother and her daughter and her career. She loved life and when she was diagnosed with colon cancer six years ago this past Friday, stage four at the time of diagnosis, she fought hard and long with dignity and grace. I last saw her about two years ago at my niece’s wedding and she looked terrific. She was a little thin but was vivacious and and upbeat. Never once did she seem glum or down about her illness. Her last six years have been a roller coaster of chemo treatments, surgeries, tears of joy and tears of pain. She certainty suffered by all accounts that my brother and sister relayed to me. I did not discuss her spiritual life, but would always include that prospect of hope that God brings in any note I sent to her. God bless you. I hope to see you again one day.