I went to the off hours medical clinic Saturday. When I show up at a doctor’s office you know I don’t feel good because I rarely go there. Anyway I was sitting in the waiting room hacking away, and after reading several magazines and newsletters, I decided to watch what was on the television. It was turned on ABC’s Family Channel. The movie “Legally Blonde” was on. You know the improbale but cute story of the LA blonde sorority queen going off to Harvard Law School to win back her boyfriend. Anyway there is a scene when she is talking with her fellow sorority girls and keep in mind I’m watching this on closed caption where the whole dialogue is there for everyone to see. Reese’s friend is telling her how she passed her Spanish class only to have her conversation interrupted by her friend who lets her know how that happened, how and here it is in big bold letters SHE GAVE THE TEACHER A LAP DANCE TO GET AN A ON HER FINAL. Ok what’s the big deal. Well I watched as little kids in the office were either thinking to themselves or perhaps were going to ask their Mom just what a lap dance is. This was on a 2;00 in the afternoon. Then ABC’s “Family”channel broke to its commercial about a new show “The Secret Life of An American Teenager” and it appears that all teenagers do are have babies and sex with one another. (that may be true but what is it?- the media reflecting the culture or vice versa. I guess that’s the NEW FAMILY that America has become, with lap dances and teen sex. Last thing I got mu Sunday parade and on the cover is a headline that reads “The Secrets to a Long Life” and the subtitle that got to me “DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO GO THE DISTANCE?” The article was pretty lame, with a series of debunking myths to living to an old age and offered nothing by way of suggestions. The real thing that interested me is that subtitle because I am in the God business and what we offer is eternal life and not only can you have I can tell the means to get it. So the Question i would like to ask all you out there is DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO GO THE DISTANCE?’ The answer won’t come from the so called “Family Channel”and cretaintly not Parade Magazine.