When I made a life changing decision to walk away from a successful business to teach high school students, I asked my self this one question. “How can I make a compelling case for Christ, that He should be at the center of each and everyone’s life?” This question should be framed in the context of a. dealing with a secular society that blots out any evidence of God, b. young people who are in many ways nihilistic about the world, c. the almost overwhelming mindset that everything has to have a utilitarian purpose, and d. many of these young people have parents who do not practice the faith and thus reinforce their thinking. This requires building a slow, deliberate case that must include an understanding of why we think, how we think, and very fundamental insights as to our being and existence. This is not something that I could put down here in a few words, but here is a brief summary. There is evidence and good philosophical arguments for God’s existence. In fact there are many so called scientific “beliefs” that require a greater leap of faith than believing in God. In this belief in God it is paramount that we comprehend God, as the Catholic Church understands Him, with a clear understanding of all His attributes. This is a major problem with many young people. Their concept of God is extremely shallow and limiting, often anthropomorphic. God does not have the emotions of a teenager! Given that we believe the existence of God, can we ask a question. Has God communicated with man and what is His relationship? The answer is yes and you can find out all about it in His Sacred Word – the Bible. After an understanding of God’s relationship to man, knowing that man is fallen and that God so loves us, we discover that God in His infinite mercy sent His only begotten Son to bring to us reconciliation for the broken relationship, His name – Jesus. Next, learn everything possible that you can about Jesus, especially His teachings, also found in Sacred Scripture. You can clearly see, who He is, what His purpose is, and how we are to live in a response to what He asks of us. Its all in there. Next, strive to be perfect as Jesus says His Father is perfect in Heaven. Understand that the Church has safeguarded Jesus’ teachings both through the Sacred Scripture and through His Teachings through the Apostles, and left her (the Church) with the means to attain His grace (the Sacraments), necessary for us to live a life that can attain salvation. Obviously there is much more than that, but the key here is that God gives us the gift of Faith, and with that Faith we can grow daily to know a little more and a little more about Him and begin to center Him in our lives to love Him and others.