I have been reading Pascal’s Pensees, actually a book by Peter Kreeft titled Christianity for Modern Pagans. What impresses me most about this book is how much it parallels my own thinking. There are several points that are worth noting about Christianity and the secular world. The first is that this is a battle we are fighting. C.S. Lewis wrote  “There is no neutral ground in the universe.  Every square inch, every split second, is claimed by God and counterclaimed by Satan.” We are in a fight, this tends to be played down because the secular world wants to make us invisible, not allowing us to enter the public square. Too often Christians are timid and have bought into separating their faith from the world. Jesus said ” Do you think that I have come to establish peace on the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division. Luke 12;51 T hat division is on the lines of those who choose to do the will of the Father and those who won’t. There is a dividing line and that’s precisely why we are in a battle, a battle to save souls. The pagans of the modern world need an approach that fully explains what we are about. From the book Peter Kreeft explains.

“Here are the three essential truths that we must admit as our data and explain: Fisrt the eternal truth about God: that he is our summun bonum, our end. Second, the bad news about us: that we are fallen away from God. Third the good news about us: how we can be saved.

The three points are now expanded to six:

  1. our true end: God
  2. true morality, our duty: to love God
  3. our situation: sin alienation from God
  4. the causes of sin: pride and concupiscence
  5. how to cure sin: Christ
  6. how to get the cure: faith

Man has a dual nature: we are both angelic and wretched. Modern man looks at our wretchedness and assumes that God does not exist or concern himself with us. Modern man is indifferent to God, not seeing God’s relevance. The icebreaker that both Pascal and I too happen to use is death. Death will get you attention. Modern man has no answer for death, he avoids the topic like he avoids self exploration, because he in  both cases  fears what he might find. Peter Kreeft summarizes it like this – there are five solutions to the problem of death:

  1. Don’t look at
  2. look at it with a heart dulled by “pop psychology”
  3. look at it and despair – nihilism
  4. look at it and put your faith and hope in science and technology to conquer death
  5. put your faith in God, in Christ, in Resurrection

We are in battle, we must use whatever we can to wake up the zombie-like state of the modern pagan. Christ is on our side and put we put on his amor to save souls, winning then not through fear, but through love.