In my previous post, I spoke about the fact that Bibilically,  Jesus in very plain language tells of the importance of consuming Him in the flesh and blood and that in doing so He would abide in us. Abide meaning “remain.” When Jesus speaks to us in the words of the New Testament, he speaks Christocentrically. By that I mean He does not prescribe a set of beliefs, or instructions that are philosophical precepts or worship practices, or anything else that is separate or out side Himself. He is the Truth, the Way, the Life, Unless you eat my body and drink my flesh you will have no life in you. Christianity is about the Truth, not a truth and that Truth is a person, a genuine flesh and blood person, not an idea or a an abstract thought, but a person. That is why it is foolish to think that anyone can have life in them without Him. Man is a dual person, man is capable of being angelic and being evil. Man’s very nature and essence possess both. Jesus says to elevate man so that he has life in him is to choose to have Divine Life in him. The way this is done is through the Eucharist. The life-giving Bread, which is Real food. How do I know that? Jesus told me. You can choose to ignore it for whatever reasons, and that’s your choice, but it is the only way for Christ to abide in you and you in Him. It is our access to the Divine, the Way to eternal life. Jesus tells us that.