The past three months has been a roller coaster ride of emotions and has put to test my faith in ways that I have never experienced before. Lets start in August…I was anticipating the new school year, my first as a theology teacher, the Sunday before the first day, as we were eating Sunday dinner, I received a call from my youngest daughter. She had wrecked the car. This was not an unusual thing since she had been in four car crashes in the past six months. This time however, unlike the previous times her car was not drivable. This led to my wife and son driving back and forth from college. School began the next day and with the marathon of driving, teaching,working on lesson plans, and lessons, tests and grading tests, preparing and motivating. It was difficult but has evolved to what I thought it would be – pure joy. I love the children very much. I also started my fall semester at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, taking Christology and Mariololgy, as work towards my MS in Theology. Over the past few months my laptop has lost its backlight and is slowly dying, my desktop at my house died, someone hijacked my gmail account and because of that my blog which I had worked on for nearly two years was closed down by Google and all my attempts to get it back have failed.  My daughter has subsequently “totaled” the car and has move out,the family is divided with my oldest son siding with my youngest daughter and my wife, myself and two other children on the opposite. Finances have also gotten tighter and I really don’t know where that is heading. But throughout all of this my faith in God has been steadfast. I am grateful that he has given me the opportunity to affect so many young people and with his grace I believe that I am making a difference. Too often and I too fall into this trap; we seek to avoid the struggle. I do not mean that we stand by and let life pile up on you like a multiple car crash. No what I mean here is that with God’s help we can face those things in life that seek to bring us down or destroy us. We must always stay focused on what really matters – love. Love must guide us, not despair or guilt, not fear or anxiety, not hopelessness and not abandonment. So if you are reading this pray for me and my family. God Bless