Defending the Beanfield

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Today I begin a new chapter in the world of blogging. My previous site A Stranger in A Strange Land has been removed from the internet because someone hacked into my email account and hijacked my account. I  haven’ t blog much lately with my new career as high school theology teacher just getting off the ground. I have first hour off and when the other teachers who are off gather we discuss some wonder faith subjects. I told them of  2 Samuel 23:11-12, where Shammah defense a plot of lentils against the Philistines  and earns a place in Sacred Scriptures as one of David’s mighty warriors. In our task of bringing the Gospel to what amounts to an indifferent generation, we must defend the truth like Shamman defended the bean filed. Every day when I walk to class I remark that it is time to defend the bean field.


Hello world!

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